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mon âme by âme moi
with Danielle G. Waldman
(Danielle Goldstein)

Early and from the beginning, âme moi created and developed an identity strongly inspired by the equestrian world, based on the intense fascination for horses reflected in its DNA, be it in the natural horse mane pendants or in the lining, which is red from the first day, in a direct allusion to the passion of the pure equine blood.
In this sense, âme moi conceived, in parallel, the mon âme project, a philanthropic project to which the extraordinary Israeli horseback rider Danielle G. Waldman was invited. An ambassador whose unique and rather original image inspired an exclusively detailed bag, whose proceeds from the sales will fully revert to the Equus Foundation, an American foundation of horse welfare that safeguards these animals by strengthening ties and inspiring their protection.
Thus, and taking the opportunity of the realization of the Portuguese stage of the jumping event of world-wide importance, the Longines Global Champions Tour, more precisely in Estoril / Cascais – one of Danielle’s favorite shows on the circuit, which Grand Prix she won in 2017 - âme moi presented this project at the Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel on June 21st with the presence of the rider.

The soul that is indispensable to the mastery of creation, thus aligns itself to the fundamental soul of the mastery of jumping, and they are one.
âme moi mon âme

âme moi
June, 2019

Lisbon special edition
Lisbon Danielle Goldstein Special Edition - Red