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Pour Lucie

Pour Lucie

Amadeo loved horses, and was very much in love with a special woman named Lucie Pecetto.
That is where all the factors magically combine to create Pour Lucie.
In this collection of six models, limited to 30 numbered units that honors Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso and his love for Lucie Pecceto, the point of connection between the brand and the artist is the horse figure.
After the success of the first edition, Chiado Pour Lucie inspired by the work Clown, Horse, Salamander, a gouache on paper where color is the predominant element by the way it is combined with the forms, and the second Tiffany Pour Lucie that refers to the work Les Chevaux du Sultan, work of the album XX Dessins where Amadeo surprises with drawings in china nankin ink. Then Electra Pour Lucie, the third model was inspired by Don Quixote, an oil on canvas from 1914 from which we absorbed as a cubist and futurist plastic language the dynamic, subtle and elegant round shapes and stylized rhythms, suggesting abstract forms of the painting.

Carmelita Pour Lucie, the fourth model, now edited, was inspired by the work "Avant la Corrida" an oil on canvas from 1912, as the previous ones, belonging to the Modern Art Collection of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisboa.
From this work, the creative department of âme moi took the stylized figures of the horses in a graphic and chromatic quality and rhythms that suggest movement, maintaining the cubist and futurist language and communicating in a more evident way the perfect balance of the artist's trait and DNA of brand.

This capsule collection is, we believe, a true tribute to the art of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso and his great love, Lucie, an âme moi woman for sure.

Electra Pour Lucie
Electra Pour Lucie (Capsule Collection) - Pale Pink
Tiffany Pour Lucie
Tiffany Pour Lucie (Capsule Collection) - Multicolor
chiado pour Lucie
Chiado Pour Lucie (Capsule Collection) - Multicolor
carmelita Pour Lucie
Carmelita Pour Lucie (Capsule Collection) - Multicolor