âme moi Iconic collection bags are real divas.

Nowadays, celebrities are able to take pictures of their outfit and share it with friends, family, and fans on social media. 
Many of the women who invented their iconic styles didn’t have the same influential opportunities, so the fact that we still consider them fashion icons means they must have known what they were doing!
These celebrities whore whatever they wanted, which is why so many unique trends surfaced during time.
The following icons not only had successful careers, but they also used their keen fashion senses to catapult them into stardom.
Audrey Hepburn, and the little black dress
Elizabeth Taylor, the queen of diamonds
Grace Kelly, the preppy princess
Brigitte Bardot and her innocent seaside style
Catherine Deneuve, the effortless French style
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the chic simple
Katharine Hepburn, the First Lady of menswear
Sofia Loren and her Italian style
Lauren Bacall, Princess of prints
Ava Gardner and her untouchable look
Marilyn Monroe, her dangerous curves
Twiggy, the queen of the mini skirt

Santana sugar cream beige -1
Santana - sugar cream beige
750,00 €
Santana santa claus red -1
Santana - santa claus red
750,00 €
Santana midnight blue -1
Santana - midnight blue
750,00 €
Santana mistery black -1
Santana - mistery black
750,00 €
Chiado santa claus red
Chiado - Santa Claus Red
600,00 €
sugar cream beige
Lisbon - Sugar Cream Beige
695,00 €
mistery black
Lisbon - Mistery Black
695,00 €
santa claus red
Lisbon - Santa Claus Red
695,00 €
spicy chocolate brown
Lisbon - Spicy Chocolate Brown
695,00 €